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How do i know if my system is infected by GandCrab Ransomware?

An Encryption Trojan is a so-called Ransomware Trojan that encrypts the entire PC or individual data. They are also colloquially called cryptotrojans or ransom trojans. The ransom Trojan then asks you to pay a ransom in order to decrypt the data again.

Often you will also be asked to pay the ransom within a short time window, otherwise the ransom will double or the data will remain encrypted forever. In all cases – keep calm and call in experts as quickly as possible!

  • There are a number of signs pointing to a ransomware infection:
  • You receive a message that your data is encrypted and that you have to pay a ransom.
  • The names of your files or file extensions change suddenly
  • Your desktop wallpaper has suddenly disappeared
  • Your CPU utilization is 100%, although you hardly use any applications
  • Your computer reacts very slowly to commands
  • The hard disk seems to process data without pause
  • Your virus protection is deactivated and cannot be started

What should i do when my data got encrypted by a Ransomware virus?

Shut down your computer immediately in the normal way. Under no circumstances should you switch off the computer using the POWER button, as this can damage your data. Cryptotrojans work their way from file to file. By switching off your computer immediately, it can be that the just encrypted file is not recoverable.

You should disconnect the network plug immediately and disconnect WLAN connections immediately. This will prevent the file from spreading further over your network. Also remove all data storage devices such as external hard drives, USB sticks and disconnect connections to online cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Do not try to remove the Ransomware Trojan on your own. Many variants of Ransomware have anti-virus detection. As soon as the Ransomware detects that removal measures are taking place, decryption of your data often becomes impossible.

Do not pay the required ransom. There is no guarantee that your data will be decrypted. First, check carefully which Ransomware needs to be removed.

You should leave the removal of Ransomware and the subsequent Ransomware recovery of your valuable data exclusively to experts.

BeforeCrypt can help you as a serious and sovereign partner with an infection by Ransomware and remove these. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we are able to recover 100% of your encrypted data in most cases.

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