Although decryption tools exist for some older variants, most newer Phobos ransomware strains have no freely available decryption tools. You can check for free, publicly available decryption tools here

In most cases, the only way to obtain a working Phobos ransomware decrypt tool is through negotiation with the attackers. Depending on the history of the gang that is behind the hack, it may be possible to get a functional decryption tool by paying the demands of the attackers. Believe it or not, some gangs actually try to maintain a reputation, and are consistent in delivering decryption tools when payed. Other hackers can be less reliable, however. Some will demand a second or even third payment after being paid the first time. In some cases, they don’t provide any decryption tool at all or provide a faulty decryption tool. 

We actively research the active ransomware gangs in order to understand how they operate, the risks of dealing with them, and the probability of success. Knowing the history of a gang can help to negotiate with them more effectively. Using this methodology, we have succeeded in negotiating down ransom demands by as much as 30%. 

If you want to learn more about Phobos ransomware itself, please visit the Phobos ransomware variant page. To consult with our team of experts to better understand your options, fill out the Ransomware Data Recovery form. If the situation is urgent, you can also contact us by phone on our emergency line any time. 

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