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BeforeCrypt is a One-Stop service for ransomware recovery & decryption.

We gently helping customers in case of ransomware incidents and provide ransomware recovery, ransomware removal and ransomware prevention services.

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Beforecrypt Team


“Ransomware is not only about weaponizing encryption, its more about bridging the fractures in the mind with a weaponized message that demands a response from the victim.”

James Scott

Senior Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology
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Fast Ransomware Recovery

Our team is available 24/7 in assisting clients to help you fast with your Ransomware incident. We help you with all kind of Ransomware and Encrypt Trojans.

No Data, No Charge Guarantee

If we can’t recover or decrypt your data, you pay absolutely nothing. You have no risk to use our Ransomware decrypt, removal or recovery services.

Insurance Incident Reports

BeforeCrypt creates a Ransomware incident report, which contains all necessary data to submit the financial damage to your insurance company.

Over 15 Years Of IT Experience

With us, your Ransomware attack becomes a breeze. Our IT experts are certified, friendly and goal focused.

Specialized In Ransomware

We handle a few hundred cases a year and you profit from our extensive experience and fast processes.