Professional Ransomware Recovery

Has a Ransomware encryption trojan hit your business? Let experts decrypt your data and restore your business incredibly fast, without damaging your valuable information even further.

BeforeCrypt provides incredibly fast assistance and guide your company through a secure, compliant, transparent and fast ransomware recovery. We check your data for possible free remediation options, handle the specialized process of cyber extortion negotiations, performing potentially necessary, and of course compliant ransom settlements and safely restore your data.
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No Data, No Charge - Guarantee

You are fully covered by our ‘No data, no charge’ guarantee. If we can not recover your encrypted data from ransomware, you pay absolutly nothing for our Ransomware-Incident-Response services. You do not even need to pay our fees upfront, so there is no risk at all!

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Why Choose BeforeCrypt Ransomware Recovery Services?

Benefit directly from our experience from over 1.000 successful Ransomware incidents.

Decrypt Your Business Data Fast

With our experience stemming from over 1.000 successful ransomware incidents, we can safely decrypt your valuable data without causing further damage or complications. We know exactly what we need to do to make your ransomware data recovery successful and as painless as possible.

Reduce Business Downtime To A Minimum

Through our streamlined and standardized ransomware recovery process, we reduce downtime for your business to a minimum and thus save you a lot of time and hence money.

24×7 Ransomware Recovery

We greatly understand how incredibly important fast progress and high availability is in extreme situations such as a Ransomware Incident. We are happy to assist you with 100% commitment and are available for you around the clock, including holidays and weekends.

Avoid Costly Mistakes By Doing It 'Yourself'

Under no circumstances you should restore your valuable data yourself. There are an almost unlimited number of stumbling blocks and complications that can arise during manual processing and, as our experience has shown, Do it yourself approaches to ransomware incident response can lead to rather expensive follow-up costs.

Avoid Costly Fines

In the event of ransomware incidents, there are highly critical legal requirements and processes that must be observed. We will discuss with you all legal obligations that you have to fulfill immediately within the first 72 hours in order to avoid hefty fines.

Easy Insurance Reimbursement And Police Reporting

You can easily file an insurance claim for your ransomware incident thanks to our unique and detailed incident report. The report contains all legally required data that must be provided to your insurer or the relevant legal authorities.

Prevent Another Ransomware Attack

We provide you with the world’s foremost strategies and advice for you to be best protected against ransomware attacks in the future. You will receive practical tips that you can implement quickly and easily.

'No data, no charge' Guarantee

You are fully covered by our ‘No data, no charge’ guarantee. If we can not recover your encrypted data from ransomware, you pay absolutely nothing for our Ransomware-Incident-Response services. You do not even need to pay our fees upfront, so there is no risk at all!

What should I do when a Ransomware virus has encrypted my data?

Shut down your computer or server as usual and disconnect all network connections immediately, including any data storage devices and online cloud storage. For more details, please visit the Ransomware Information site.

Do not pay the ransom or try to remove the ransomware trojan on your own. You should leave the removal of ransomware, and the subsequent recovery of your valuable company data to experts.

BeforeCrypt is here to help you as a serious and highly-effective partner in case of a ransomware infection. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, in most cases we can recover 100% of your encrypted data.

Keep calm! Contact us, and we can help you!

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Dharma Ransomware Recovery

We can help you with all types of Ransomware.

The following are some of the more common variants of computer ransomware. Removing an Encryption Trojan and restoring the data is not possible for all of them, because there are big differences in the versions of the Trojans.

Professional Ransomware Recovery

How we recover your business operations in 4 steps

Free Assessment


Identify the ransomware type, overall risks, and available recovery options.

Recovery Quote


An individual offer with a clear estimate of the restoration costs, covered by a “No Data, No Charge“ guarantee.

Secure The System


Removal of ransomware, installation of ransomware protection, and improved data backup procedures.

Decrypt & Recover


Fast & streamlined ransomware data decryption and business recovery.

Europe's Leading Ransomware Experts

At BeforeCrypt, we are committed to providing exceptional support for ransomware incidents. In these difficult situations, our expert knowledge provides peace, security and trust … But don’t just take our word for it.

Ransomware Decryption Service


The only way to know precisely how much ransomware response will cost is to contact us for a free consultation.

Ransomware response cost varies according to the type of attack, how much data is affected, the number of computers infected, and your local environment (computer performance, servers, operating systems). The response includes removal of the ransomware, negotiations with attackers and transferring payment if necessary, restoring data, patching the vulnerability that led to the attack, and preparing all documentation for legal compliance and insurance claims. The course of action our clients choose also affects the overall cost. 

The minimum cost for small companies generally starts around several thousand euros, including the cost of the ransom. However, if at all possible, we strongly recommend avoiding paying the attackers. Paying the attackers encourages them to harm more people. However, if it is not economically feasible, we handle fully legally compliant payments to attackers. The overall expense depends a lot on the ransom amount demanded, and how successful negotiations are. We maintain a database on ransomware gangs to negotiate more effectively. In some cases, negotiations can result in a significant reduction in the ransom payment.

We have a greater than 98% success rate.

In the case of most of our clients who have cyber insurance, their coverage pays the cost of our services, as well as the ransom, if necessary. 



  1. Professional ransomware response can significantly decrease downtime. We deal with hundreds of cases every year. Through our years of experience, we have developed a streamlined process that brings our clients back online as fast as possible. In the event that a ransom has to be paid, purchasing the necessary cryptocurrency can take days. The process of resolving a ransomware attack without prior experience can take many hours of research. Most of our cases are completely resolved 24-72 hours after we begin the recovery process.

  2. Avoid dealing with criminals and ensure legal compliance. Most companies don’t feel comfortable dealing with cyber-criminals. It can add another layer of stress in emergency. We maintain files on different groups of hackers in order to maximize security and effectiveness of negotiations. We also ensure that all communications and transfers comply with applicable laws and regulations to protect our clients against potential legal problems. 

  3. Instant cryptocurrency transfers. It is always better to avoid giving into the attacker’s demands. If backups and normal recovery methods fail, however, there may be no other choice. Most ransomware attackers demand payment in Bitcoin. If you try to purchase Bitcoin yourself, an intensive know-your-customer process is usually required, which can take 2-6 days for large amounts. We maintain a reserve of the currencies demanded by attackers to make instant payments if needed.

  4. Ensure data integrity and security. As specialists in the field of ransomware incident response, we are always refining industry best practices for data recovery. We have robust, standardized procedures for backing up encrypted data, restoring data, and removing viruses to ensure that there is no data loss or damage.

  5. Easy Insurance Reporting: All of our clients receive a detailed incident report with all information required by cyber-insurance and for law enforcement purposes. Thankfully, cyber-insurance often covers the cost of cyber-extortion as well as professional ransomware response services. Completing all paperwork correctly from the beginning can speed up the process of filing a claim and recovering lost funds.
  1. Backup, Backup, Backup! In most cases, a fresh and secure backup of data can prevent ransomware attack from succeeding. For this reason, many attackers put in a lot of effort to find and encrypt backups. The best backup will be air-gapped, meaning physically disconnected from your main network. It is also important to have a regular backup schedule with robust security procedures

  2. Install a Next-Gen Antivirus. Next generation anti-virus software combines a classic signature-based antivirus with powerful exploit protection, ransomware protection and endpoint detection and response (EDR). Mcafee, Fireeye, and Sentinel One are all examples of antivirus software with these features. 

  3. Install a Next-Gen Firewall. A Next-Gen-Firewall is also called Unified threat management (UTM) firewall. It adds a layer of security at every entry and exit point of your company data communication. It combines classic network security with intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, gateway antivirus, email filtering and many other features. 

If you can afford it, having staff or hiring a dedicated service to monitor network traffic can also help to detect unusual activity and prevent ransomware attacks. Ransomware attackers usually do a lot of surveillance on a network before attempting a hack. This “reconnaissance” phase has certain tell-tale signs. If you can catch these early, it’s possible to detect the attacker early and deny them access to the network. 

If you get hit by ransomware, a professional ransomware response service can help to identify and patch security gaps. 

BeforeCrypt is founded, established, licensed and registered in Germany as an GmbH business with worldwide operations. We have a full-time team of staff, contractors and cybersecurity consultants ready to work with you round the clock.

Although based in Germany, our support is available 24/7 and in 20 languages. You can use our contact form here to submit a ransomware ticket.

We are always happy to assist our clients and get them back up and running in minimal time as possible.

In emergencies, we can start with the ransomware data recovery immediately. Since our support team operates 24/7, we can reduce your downtime to a minimum by working non-stop to recover your data.