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Has a Ransomware encryption trojan hit your company? If your files got encrypted and backups fail, you may have an emergency. We can help you minimize downtime and restore your valuable data. Let our experts guide your company through a secure, compliant, and fast ransomware recovery.

Ransomware Recovery Data

Professional Ransomware Recovery

How we recover your business operations in 4 steps

Free Assessment

Identify the ransomware type, overall risks, and available recovery options.

Recovery Quote

A fixed price quote covered by a “No Data, No Charge“ guarantee.

Preparing Recovery

Removal of ransomware, installation of ransomware protection, and improved data backup procedures.

Decrypt & Recover

Fast & streamlined ransomware data decryption and business recovery.

Why Choose BeforeCrypt Ransomware Recovery Services?

You can directly profit from our specialized knowledge in ransomware data recovery.

  • Reducing Business Downtime To A Minimum

    Through our streamlined and standardized ransomware recovery process, we reduce downtime for your business to a minimum.

  • Worldwide 24×7 Ransomware Recovery

    We provide you with fast ransomware data recovery and are available for you around the clock, including holidays and weekends.

  • No Data, No Charge Guarantee

    If we can’t recover your data from ransomware, we will not charge you for our effort.

  • Easy Insurance Reporting

    Some insurance policies cover the cost of ransomware recovery services. Easily submit this incident to your insurance company with a detailed ransomware report.

  • Dedicated Ransomware Recovery Specialist

    Your dedicated recovery specialist will ensure you quickly receive organized ransomware data recovery. You will risk no further data damage from attempts to decrypt data yourself.

What should I do when a Ransomware virus has encrypted my data?

Shut down your computer or server as usual and disconnect all network connections immediately, including any data storage devices and online cloud storage. For more details, please visit the Ransomware Information site.

Do not pay the ransom or try to remove the ransomware trojan on your own. You should leave the removal of ransomware, and the subsequent recovery of your valuable company data to experts.

BeforeCrypt is here to help you as a serious and highly-effective partner in case of a ransomware infection. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, in most cases we can recover 100% of your encrypted data.

Keep calm! Contact us, and we can help you!

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Dharma Ransomware Recovery

We can help you with all types of Ransomware.

The following are some of the more common variants of computer ransomware. Removing an Encryption Trojan and restoring the data is not possible for all of them, because there are big differences in the versions of the Trojans.

  • QNPCrypt
  • Ryuk
  • FBIRansomWare
  • WanaCryptor
  • CrySiS
  • Odin
  • CryptoWall
  • TorrentLocker
  • Goldeneye Ransomware
  • Phobos
  • CryptoLocker
  • Zepto
  • CoinVault
  • Wildfire
  • GlobeImposter 2.0
  • Rakhni
  • STOP


After a free assessment, we will provide you with a quote. The exact cost depends on the type of attack, the extent of the attack, the number of encrypted computers, and your local environment (e.g., performance of computers, servers, operating systems).

  1. We can reduce your downtime from ransomware significantly. We deal with over a hundred cases every year. We know what to do to keep the downtime for your company to an absolute minimum. You can benefit from our expert knowledge and don’t need to do time-intensive researches by yourself. Most of our cases are completely resolved within 24-72 hours after we begin the recovery process.

  2. Don’t deal with criminals directly. Most companies don’t feel comfortable dealing with cyber-criminals. It can add a layer of stress and risk in this emergency. We handle all communication with the criminals for you according to all applicable laws and regulations to restore your data as fast as possible.

  3. Instant Ransomware Payment. We don’t recommend that you pay the ransom. But sometimes there’s no other way if backups and normal recovery methods fail. If you try to buy Bitcoins yourself, an intensive know-your-customer process is usually required, which takes 2-6 days for large amounts. To save you this trouble, we always have Bitcoins in stock and can make payments instantly.

  4. We don’t damage your data. We always use industry best practices to back-up your encrypted data, remove the Ransomware trojan and then restore your data with normal recovery methods or decrypt the data with the official software. This standardized process ensures that your data won’t get damaged and that the ransomware no longer spreads on your network.

  5. Easy Insurance Reporting: You receive a detailed report and a sample letter to easily submit all necessary information to your cyber-insurance. Cyber-insurance usually covers a huge part of the costs involved with ransomware incidents.
  1. Backup, Backup, Backup! Use a separate backup destination like a secure cloud storage provider or a local backup medium which is physically disconnected after a successful backup run.
  2. Install a Next-Gen Antivirus. Next generation anti-virus software combines a classic signature-based antivirus with powerful exploit protection, ransomware protection and endpoint detection and response (EDR).
  3. Install a Next-Gen Firewall. A Next-Gen-Firewall is also called Unified threat management (UTM) firewall. It adds a layer of security at every entry and exit point of your company data communication. It combines classic network security with intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, gateway antivirus, email filtering and many other features.

Yes, we provide services around the globe. Our customer service is available 24/7 to assist you with ransomware recovery in over 20 languages.

In emergencies, we can start with the ransomware data recovery immediately. Since our support team operates 24/7, we can reduce your downtime to a minimum by working non-stop to recover your data.

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