Need help with a Ransomware payment?

Ransomware Settlement

Ransomware payments in cryptocurrencies are complicated and subject to legal requirements. We help organisations to process the payment of ransomware demands quickly and legally.
  • Fast and uncomplicated settlement of ransom demands
  • Protection from possible sanctions violations (AML/CTF)
  • Possible from as little as $5,000 ransom demand

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Why should you choose BeforeCrypt?

Benefit directly from our experience of more than 1,500 supported ransomware incidents.

Rapid Recovery

Safely recover your valuable data, reduce downtime for your business to a minimum and getting your systems back up and running quickly.

Ransomware Expert Advice

We walk you through the entire incident and provide valuable insights and recommendations based on the experience of 1,500+ successful ransomware recoveries.

24x7 Emergency On-Call Service

We are happy to assist you with 100% commitment and are available for you around the clock, including holidays and weekends.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Incorrect behavior during a ransomware attack can result in considerable costs, which you can avoid by calling in experts early on.

Compliance and legal certainty

Our experts will advise you on all the critical legal requirements to avoid hefty fines for doing the wrong thing.

Prevent Another Ransomware Attack

We identify attack vectors and provide you with comprehensive advice on how to sustainably secure your IT security against future ransomware attacks.

Omar Apostol

Company with over 350 employees

“At first ,I had a few hesitations because of the working location between Asia and Europe but after signing the contract and estimation. They never stopped until they recovered all the files that are necessary to our company. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.”    ★★★★★

Singapore Takada Industries PTE LTD –

Philipp Diethelm - diga möbel AG

Philipp Diethelm

Swiss Furniture Store with over 10 locations

“From the first second we felt that we were in good hands. Very fast reaction and response times regardless of office hours, as well as coordinated and uncomplicated cooperation with us and our IT specialists. Full recommendation & trust!”   ★★★★★

Diga Möbel AG  –

Maximilian Madile

Maximilian Madile

Real Estate Group

“I can recommend BeforeCrypt’s service to anyone who has been the victim of Ransomware. We didn’t get to work with them in the end for a variety of (internal) reasons but I have no reason to doubt that my experience would have been anything less than satisfactory.”   ★★★★★

Madile Group Real Estate –