Black Basta Ransomware Recovery

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How to tell if Black Basta Ransomware has infected your system

The most common way Black Basta ransomware victims learn that they’ve been infected is through a ransom note that replaces their desktop wallpaper. Your wallpaper may be replaced with a black background with a note telling you to follow the instructions in a .txt file to get your files back.


Black Basta Ransomware was first observed in April 2022 and has become a formidable threat. Black Basta encrypts files and then replaces the file extensionsan like “.basta”. Black Basta uses the ChaCha20 algorithm with a public RSA-4096 key for encryption, which is effectively impossible to crack.

Since Black Basta is a relatively new variant, there are no free decryption tools currently known.

  • How to know you have been infected by Black Basta Ransomware


  • The file extensions on all of your files will change to a string like .basta.



  • Black Basta ransomware will create a file on your desktop called “readme.txt”.
  • The readme note will direct you to download the TOR dark web internet browser and opena¬† link to communicate with the hackers.


  • An early warning sign is your CPU running at a high utilization rate, even though you’re not doing any computation-heavy tasks.


  • If your hard drive is writing at a high rate even though you are not downloading anything, this is another sign that ransomware may be encrypting your files.
  • Your antivirus software may have been deactivated.

What do I do if my data is encrypted by Black Basta ransomware?

  • If you suspect ransomware has infected your system, immediately shut down your computer normally. Check our Ransomware Response Guide for detailed instructions.
  • We do not advise talking directly with the attackers. In our experience, ransom outcomes are usually significantly better when professional negotiators are involved.
  • Report the hack to the relevant authorities from your local or national police. Check our directory for instructions on how to contact the office responsible for ransomware in your country. There may also be data leak reporting requirements.
  • Try to determine how the infection occurred so you can patch the vulnerability before restoring your system.
  • If this sounds like a lot of stress, contact us and get help now.

BeforeCrypt is a licensed and registered cyber security firm specializing in ransomware incident response. We’ve handled hundreds of ransomware cases, and we know the best ways to safely and quickly get you back to normal.

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Watch out for unlicensed companies promising free decryption tools. We’ve seen a number of fake decryptors that criminals try to push on stressed and vulnerable ransomware victims. Stressful situations can easily cloud a person’s judgment, which is why it’s best to work with experienced ransomware experts.

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Black Basta focuses on quite large corporations. This is apparent by the large returns that they aim to achieve from their attacks.

Since Black Basta is still a relatively new, there’s not a lot of data on the ransom amounts yet, but so far averages are generally above $100,000 USD though in some cases they reach into the millions.

Ransoms are payable in Bitcoin. It’s important to note that quick-buy methods of purchasing Bitcoin can come with heavy fees. With large ransoms, it’s also possible that buying large amounts of Bitcoin can push up purchase prices on exchanges, making it more expensive.

Black Basta downtime can vary depending on a number of factors. On average, downtime resulting from Black Basta ransomware attacks is average.

Downtime is usually the most expensive part of an attack. Discretion can also be important, as in many industries a ransomware attack can also damage reputation. Getting back online quickly can help to avoid an attack being publicized.

Black Basta has proven to be a highly organised gang that consistently provides reliable decryption tools.

We maintain detailed case files to keep track of all active ransomware gangs so that we can respond appropriately to each threat.

Most Black Basta attacks utilize phishing or weak credentials as a primary attack vector.

NameBlack Basta / Black Basta Ransomware
Danger LevelVery High. Automatic data leak and privilege escalation capabilities.
Release date2022
Affected SystemsWindows/Linux
File Extensions.basta
Ransom Notereadme.txt
Contact EmailVia a TOR dark web site
Known ScammersNone


Black Basta Ransomware Note #1: .txt Notice

A typical Black Basta ransomware note.

Your data are stolen and encrypted
The data will be published on TOR website if you do not pay the ransom
You can contact us and decrypt one file for free on this TOR site
(you should download and install TOR browser first hxxps://

Your company id for log in:

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