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If you think that hackers have locked down your system using Haron ransomware, we’re here to help. Here you can find information and statistics about Haron ransomware and learn about your options for removal, decryption, and data recovery.

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How to know if Haron ransomware has infected your system

Usually, the first sign of a Haron ransomware infection is finding yourself locked out of your files, or your desktop wallpaper gone and replaced with a ransom note. All of your files file extensions will be replaced with .chaddad.

Haron ransomware first appeared in 2021 and is suspected to be connected to the Avaddon ransomware gang. Like Avaddon, it uses a variant of Thanos ransomware and uses AES and RSA encryption standards.

  • Signs of a Haron Ransomware Attack
  • If you find a file in encrypted folders and on your desktop called “RESTORE_FILES_INFO.txt”.
  • All of your files file extensions have changed to .chaddad. In each file, you may find a copy of the RESTORE_FILES_INFO.txt file.
  • Your desktop wallpaper disappears and is replaced with instructions on how to pay a ransom.
  • You may notice that your CPU is running at close to 100% even though you are not running many programs.
  • Performance of programs may be worse than usual.
  • Your hard drive may be writing at a high rate, even though you are not doing anything on your computer.
  • You may also find your antivirus software is unresponsive or deactivated.

What should you do when you realize your data is encrypted by Haron ransomware?

  • Check our Ransomware Response Guide for detailed instructions on how to proceed. The most important thing to do is to disconnect the infected computer from the network to prevent the infection from spreading.
  • We do not recommend talking with the attackers. Ransomware hackers are skilled at manipulated victims who are in stressful situations, and professional negotiators usually achieve better results. Avoid contacting the attackers. It’s best not to pay the ransom, however, if you have no other choice, use a professional negotiator. Most ransomware gangs are experienced in intimidation and manipulation.
  • Report the attack to your local cybercrime department or national police. The national cybercrime department responsible for ransomware attacks in each country can be found in our directory.
  • We recommend contacting a professional ransomware recovery team like BeforeCrypt. In our experience, this leads to faster time to recovery and lower total ransom payouts.

BeforeCrypt is a cybersecurity company licensed and registered in Germany. We have helped hundreds of companies quickly recover their data, from small local businesses, to large multinational corporations. In almost all cases, we are able to remove the ransomware, patch the vulnerability that led to the infection, and recover 100% of client data.

When searching for a solution to ransomware, please take care to check the background of anyone offering an easy solution. There are a number of scammers that will claim to have decryption tools, but in most cases the only option to obtain a decryption tools is to pay hackers for it.

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Haron ransomware is a relatively new variant, so limited data is available on the average ransom size. In our experience, Haron targets medium and large companies, and demands ransoms in the range of $20,000-100,000 USD.

It’s always better not to pay the ransom. However, if you are forced, ransoms are demanded in Bitcoin. It’s important to be aware that if you try to purchase Bitcoin using quick-buy methods like PayPal or credit card, you will usually have to pay an additional fee of 10% or more. Cheaper options may take days to complete verification procedures.

In addition to negotiating lower ransoms, we keep funds on hand to cover ransom payments instantly with no additional fees or charges.

Downtime with Haron ransomware is average. Generally, it depends on the availability of the hackers.

For most ransomware victims, downtime is the most expensive part of a ransomware incident. A ransomware attack can also have a negative effect on a company’s reputation, and the longer downtime goes on, the more likely it is that the public will realize that a data breach has occurred.

We have developed an streamlined recovery flow to bring downtime to an absolute minimum.

The Haron ransomware gang consistently provides functional decryption tools on payment. After negotiating a ransom, the data decryption process is usual completed quickly.

Phishing is the most common attack vector for Haron ransomware.

NameHaron / Haron Ransomware
Danger LevelVery high. Attackers may steal sensitive data.
Release date2021
Affected SystemsWindows
File Extension.chaddad
Contact MethodOver a TOR website
Known ScammersNone


It is possible to recover Haron ransomware files, but unfortunately there is usually no easy solution. No free encryption tools exist, and anyone claiming to have a decryption tool is attempting to scam you.

The best case scenario is to restore from a backup. If this is not possible, we recommend that you avoid paying a ransom, because this encourages the hackers to continue victimizing others.

However, if the value of your data is such that there is no other choice, we can assist in safely removing the ransomware, obtaining the decryption key from the hackers, and recovering your data. Our professional negotiation team is consistently able to lower the ransom more than an inexperienced negotiator.

The biggest cost associated with ransomware is downtime. We can minimize downtime by deploying our streamlined recover process, helping you securely restore your systems as quickly as possible.

The only way to know precisely how much ransomware response will cost is to contact us for a free consultation.

Ransomware response cost varies according to the type of attack, how much data is affected, the number of computers infected, and your local environment (computer performance, servers, operating systems). The response includes removal of the ransomware, negotiations with attackers and transferring payment if necessary, restoring data, patching the vulnerability that led to the attack, and preparing all documentation for legal compliance and insurance claims. The course of action our clients choose also affects the overall cost. 

The minimum cost for small companies generally starts around several thousand euros, including the cost of the ransom. However, if at all possible, we strongly recommend avoiding paying the attackers. Paying the attackers encourages them to harm more people. However, if it is not economically feasible, we handle fully legally compliant payments to attackers. The overall expense depends a lot on the ransom amount demanded, and how successful negotiations are. We maintain a database on ransomware gangs to negotiate more effectively. In some cases, negotiations can result in a significant reduction in the ransom payment.

We have a greater than 98% success rate.

In the case of most of our clients who have cyber insurance, their coverage pays the cost of our services, as well as the ransom, if necessary. 



  1. Professional ransomware response can significantly decrease downtime. We deal with hundreds of cases every year. Through our years of experience, we have developed a streamlined process that brings our clients back online as fast as possible. In the event that a ransom has to be paid, purchasing the necessary cryptocurrency can take days. The process of resolving a ransomware attack without prior experience can take many hours of research. Most of our cases are completely resolved 24-72 hours after we begin the recovery process.

  2. Avoid dealing with criminals and ensure legal compliance. Most companies don’t feel comfortable dealing with cyber-criminals. It can add another layer of stress in emergency. We maintain files on different groups of hackers in order to maximize security and effectiveness of negotiations. We also ensure that all communications and transfers comply with applicable laws and regulations to protect our clients against potential legal problems. 

  3. Cryptocurrency transfers. It is always better to avoid giving into the attacker’s demands. If backups and normal recovery methods fail, however, there may be no other choice. Most ransomware attackers demand payment in Bitcoin. We guide you through the whole process of creating a crypto currency wallet and buying the crypto currency with you. Therefore we have different cooperation partner in order to prepare your wallet and do the transaction as quick and easy as possible for you. 

  4. Ensure data integrity and security. As specialists in the field of ransomware incident response, we are always refining industry best practices for data recovery. We have robust, standardized procedures for backing up encrypted data, restoring data, and removing viruses to ensure that there is no data loss or damage.

  5. Easy Insurance Reporting: All of our clients receive a detailed incident report with all information required by cyber-insurance and for law enforcement purposes. Thankfully, cyber-insurance often covers the cost of cyber-extortion as well as professional ransomware response services. Completing all paperwork correctly from the beginning can speed up the process of filing a claim and recovering lost funds.

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